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Unfortunately, their mattresses are not available at any retail locations across the United States. Mattress covers, an adjustable base, pillows, sheets, and more are available through the Helix website in addition to their beds. You can also check out Amazon for possible compatible bedding accessories. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular times for online mattress companies to offer sales and discounts. The 4th of July is another popular time to shop for a new bed. Discounts may be offered on the Helix website in the days around Independence Day.

Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of Helix mattresses, their beds are not available on Amazon. Skip to content. Code: FALL About Helix Sleep Mattresses. See Helix Deal. Helix Bed Shipping Helix ships their mattresses to your home, rolled up and compressed in a box. The location of transport varies by train type.

You can transport skis by train free of charge except when the skis are transported in the luggage van in blue cars. When transporting skis, please make sure that the skis do not cause nuisance to other passengers.

When purchasing a berth ticket from the Online Shop there must be over one hour until the departure of the train from its original departure station. You can check the departure station by clicking on the train number on the Online Shop's Timetables and fares page. The winter in Lapland is full of experiences. Northern Finland offers plenty of choices for those who want to exercise outdoors or relax. We have put together some tips for travelling in Lapland. Sign in Join Veturi. Search VR. Special offers See all offers Helsinki. Salla — in the middle of nowhere More of Finland by train.

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Other countries Tips for St. Petersburg Tropics in the city Allegretto - independent package tour to St. Petersburg package TOP5 attractions of St. Timetable search You can search for all domestic timetables by selecting the departure and destination stations and the validity of the timetable. Special needs Families and children Disabled passengers Services for the disabled on different types of train Groups Passengers with allergies Travelling with pets Business services Business services Group and conference journeys Book a compartment or coach Services for business travellers Train tickets for Corporate Customers Corporate ticket To Russia.

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Environmental pledges Although railway travel is already the greenest choice, it is always possible to do more. Subsidized tickets Employment-subsidized commuter ticket Assistant's ticket Buy a ticket Buy long-distance train tickets Paying on railcars Train tickets at R-Kioski Purchase locations Purchasing long-distance tickets over 50 days in advance Purchase commuter train tickets Night services in the commuter traffic area Train tickets to the Airport Conditions of Carriage Ticket validation, ticket inspection and penalty fare Car transport terms and conditions Long-distance train ticket changes and cancellations Conditions of Carriage for Passenger Services between Finland and Russia International legal provisions and conditions of carriage Changes to buying train tickets.

Contacts Customer Service contact information VR on social media Contact information for business travellers Frequently asked questions Questions and answers. Online forms Give feedback Cancel a ticket Thank you for your message! About the website Web service technical information Data protection notice Online Shop terms and conditions Compensations Compensations Regulation on railways' responsibilities. Berth and sleeping compartment tickets for night trains Move. On night trains, it is possible to travel in a seat or a berth.

Berth and compartment prices depend on the travel date and whether you are travelling downstairs or upstairs in the double-deck car.

How To Return The Helix Mattress

Book your night train berth here! Check the number of passengers Add students, children, seniors Ferry ticket reservation number Check the reservation number of the ferry ticket. Train transfer Direct connections only Including connections with changes. Transfer time Long min. Train type Pendolino Intercity. Commuter train Bus TrainBus. Express train Regional train. On-train services Sleeping car. Double decker sleeping car. Hypoallergenic seat. Restaurant car.

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Pet owner seat. Family compartment. Wheelchair space. Via Enter intermediate station. Refine search Minimize advanced search. Frequently asked questions Search your journey: choose stations for departure and arrival, the day and the time of departure. From Select.

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To Select. Passengers 1 passenger 2 passengers 3 passengers 4 passengers 5 passengers 6 passengers. Frequently asked questions When you travel to or from Helsinki by car-carrier train, select Pasila or the Pasila car-carrier station as your station. Check the timetables and departure stations for night and car-carrier trains The Online Shop first gives the price of the journey including seat reservation, and if you select sleeping berths or compartments, the system will calculate the total price of the CarTrain package. Choose season ticket or multi-ticket Season ticket Multi-tickets.

Season ticket travel time in days. Passenger Type adult child yr. Just as it's true for adults, this age-old wisdom is equally true for your baby Stress is often largely to blame for why your baby won't sleep. Release your baby's built-up stress with laughter! Plus, what's cuter than hearing a baby laugh?

If your baby isn't laughing much, our baby sleep method is for you! You will learn the best ways to make your baby laugh. Most importantly, you'll discover WHY laughter is such a powerful tool in helping your baby sleep. Sure, it's easy to think that a later bedtime would mean your child is more tired. At increased levels, these hormones can energize your baby and sabotage your bedtime efforts. The last thing you want when your baby won't sleep are energizing hormones flowing throughout your baby's body.

To help prevent your baby from being awake too long, establish a solid sleep schedule. Our sleep method explains everything you need to know to help achieve an optimal bedtime routine.

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Yet, it is based entirely on facts. The correct sleep sounds can have a strong impact on your child by releasing anxiety and making your baby feel safe and protected.

Scientists have discovered that music has a profound impact on babies. Our scientific-based sleep method can finally solve your child's sleeping problems once and for all! Additionally, parents are able to quickly implement our best practices as the information is easy to digest and follow. I've received many success stories about these sounds designed just for babies.

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