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Get access to exclusive promotions, discounts and exciting events. View the latest offers or find out more about the Mailbox Club. Learn More. Harvey Nichols Launches Own Label Mixed Cocktail Range Harvey Nichols Birmingham has launched its first ever range of pre-mixed cocktails in three classic styles, perfect for parties or Parking Our award-winning Q-Park car park offers secure parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting Here However you prefer to travel, Mailbox is easy to get to, thanks to its convenient location in the heart of the city centre.

Opening Hours Find out the best time to visit Mailbox, whether you're shopping, eating or staying the night. Latest Films View All. Store Directory Discover Birmingham's iconic shopping and lifestyle destination.


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Interested In: Interested In is not valid. Newsletter: Newsletter is not valid. Booked on jan14 Going to wait a couple more days then give them a call. Anyone else not had an email confirming? Would a baby under 1 year old consider as a "person"? Do all the parks have park charges? Its only asking for 5 instead of 6 but when enter 5 of the 6 it says theyre incorrect.

Tried in capitals aswell but still the same. Yes the original password is sunshine i think to login to enter those passwords Hey help!! Can only enter one code at a time and it tells me its invalid Our local paper is only once a week so I'm hoping all 4 are in today's?! Me too but living in Scotland we don't get the papers it was in and the daily mail doesn't have the park that I want x.

Mine was a disaster in the caravan I booked in Devon last year. They put us in the smallest oldest caravan that shouldn't even been in use. Was awful, just be careful when booking as they throw you the accommodation dregs. This pretty much sum's up my experiences of cancelling the entertainment passes on over 40 of these holiday's. I've never been denied access to the shop or the children's play area, but there are some parks where the only bar and restaurant are in the same open plan room as the stage, then it's off limit's unless you pay for the passes.

Most park's however are more than happy for you to spend your money at the bar and in the restaurants it's where they make their money out of these deals , so including entertainment passes even if you haven't paid for them is in their interest. Not sure if it works like this at all parks, but certainly for Haven and Park resorts, it works like this The entertainment passes will automatically be added to your booking, but then when you get the invoice from the park operator you can simply drop them a line and ask for them to be removed.

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On arrival at the park, they will probably try to flog you some passes but again you can decline. Without passes you can certainly get access to most facilities - Pub, Shop, Play area etc - Obviously you can't access the pools or show-bar, but everything else should be fine. What you will probably find is that in the evenings they will have somebody checking passes at the entrance to the show-bar. Sometimes due to the layout of the entertainment complex, the person checking passes might be at the entrance to the complex where the arcade machines are etc.

A couple of times with Haven I've had the passes removed, but they have still included them anyway for free! To be honest if you're worried it's not really an issue as you can have them removed from the booking, but then when you get to the park if you find something you can't access, you can always pop to reception and they will sell you some entertainment passes.

Hello I know these holidays are starting again soon if anybody has any codes please could u post : :D. Jason, is your facebook group independent of Breakfree Holidays or is it managed by Breakfree Holidays? They are working for me.

Good if you haven't got kids or not worried about fines although normally you can get cheap deals anyway if its not school term. Could have listed the 4 year old as the offer is for a minimum of 4 people. No they are very unlikely to notice, the caravans sleep a min of 6 people.

Take your own bedding. Ive just booked a holiday but i only put down me my partner n my 11yr old, ive also got a 4 yr old a 3 yr old and a newborn, do u think ill get them in ok as ive not paid for them? Just booked for October using Our school had in service days staring the 19th which fell right for us.. Not bad to be honest so my dog will be joining me. All booked and used one of the dates where services charges are free 63 quid for 4 of us 20th June bargain. Was the best uk holiday ever. The kids entertainment was brilliant to.

We went in the easter break.

Elevate your stay with urban comfort at our Birmingham hotel

No problem, hope you got what you wanted. If not there is normally another of these promotions with more availability added at the end of June or beginning of July. Got a fun holiday out of this last year. But it doesn't seem to work for me this time, website breakfree says codes are invalid. I tried a couple of combinations too.. Any ideas? Do we really get entertainment without paying? I haven't been holiday break resorts, so I don't know how it works. For example, will the resort staff check our pass when we access swimming pool? Or as long as we accommodate show the keys on the site, the facilities are supposed to be included?

Outside Mortello beach is a half moon beach which the sewage pipe enters directly into. The mortello tower is a tourist attraction that holds events and exhibitions in. However if you turn right and follow the beach for about a mile is a nudist beach with sand dunes. As with any holiday in England it depends on the weather. As in all those holiday resorts they usuall charge extra for duvet and pillow cases but you can bring your own and check if entertainment pass is included or extra. A holday is what you make it so for a cheap break is what you make it and you dont have to go into Jaywick itself.

Not that you would miss anything a couple of shops and two pubs on the main drag , one of which was for sale and uncertain opening times. Park resorts are good budget getaway.

Just make sure that before you die you go to Potters resort in Norfolk , the only 5 star holiday camp in England. Stay in the main hotel complex rather than a chalet , there is so much todo you cannot fit it all in and you dont have to be bowls player , as that is where the world championship bowls tournaments come from. Has anyone been on their holiday yet?

We are going at the end of this week and were wondering what to expect? Has anyone seen this one? Poor pay, lots of holidays?

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