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Three SIM only iPhone deals team great coverage and connection speeds with ample mobile internet allowance. Perhaps the best thing about going with Three, though, is that if you've got a 4G device you'll pay the same as you do for 3G. But they do offer you the fastest 4G speeds in the UK. Clear all. Sorted by Promoted deals. Show 6 more. Monthly cost. Only show 5G deals. Contract length. No contract. Unlimited texts.

Unlimited data. No more deals found. Adjust Filters. To find out more about how our site works, click here. Our guides. I used mins last month like it was nothing. I know there is bandwidth to deal with What about fiber optics? As others have noted, the voice coverage is straight out of the 90s stand on the roof; make your calls near a city, etc.

And then it can be quite slow when it does work. If you really, truly, need your phone such as for business look elsewhere. Virgin costs half as much because you do in fact get half the functional value.

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In the past I was happy with it, but these days I need something better. That is why your service is slower towards the end of your billing period. If you use too much data they slow you down to 2. This will apply if you switch phones. Can you buy the phone via ebay or someplace else and take it to virgin? Or does it have to be bought from them? Key benefits:.

IPhone 3G for 9 comes with 2-year contract

I dropped the detailed phone bill as they want to start charging me for something that use to be free. Works ok on sunday mornings and weekdays like 2am. The voice quality is so bad I look for a land line phone. I think it is called simplexing. Sounds good, but will they be offering the iPhone 5 this fall just 3 months away?

What do you think? Do not switch over to Virgin Mobile if you plan to use the data plan specifically for web surfing. The plan is cheap for a reason. The phone for voice works fine but the data plan is very bad. Whenever I surf the web, it is extremely slow. It drops to 1X connection with one bar. In my home, I get 1 bar or no reception. Texts, missed calls, and voice mails will pop up randomly that I should have received hours or even days ago.

Why choose an iPhone SIM only offer?

According to their voice and data maps, I should have no problems, but I get them all the time. The GPS function works good once it takes a few minutes to find a reception, but surfing the web is slow to non existent unless you have connection to back it up.

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I agree with John and Matt. Have been taking advantage of their low monthly prices for unlimited text and data. However, coverage is very spotty. I was a VM customer for 4 years, started with a basic phone and moved up to an Optimus to try the Smartphone.

Report: Virgin Mobile to Become Second Pay-as-You-Go iPhone Carrier

All the phones had spotty service. If you drive the spine of the Interstate Highway you get great service, but 10 miles off and you get 1 bar or no bars. Maybe if you live in a big city you get good service. I finally switched to a national carrier and have great service. My requirements are few. Very Few. I want conventional voice phone, texting, access to the web. Therefore, paying the dollars for it would just be unnecessary. The One V should have everything you need. I was going to buy it but then read took many bad reviews on it…I got the lg optimus v nd it works everywhere!!!

Jonathan or anyone else know,if sprint is giving any account credit recently if one voluntarily extends contract by one year or two years? Was going to take them to small claims court but I work and did not want to take the time off work.

Virgin mobile iPhone 4s 16gb pristine condition eBay item n

Also their service was really really slow even if I had a lot of bands. I have five iphones on my att plan. We share only minutes but never use them all and they roll over. We have two of the lines that are unlimited will probably lose sometime in the future and three on the 25 dollar data plan. I get a 20 pc discount was on everything, but they may have changed that to just the main line, I have to look into it yet and our bill is a month includes one parental control account, unlimited family text, free nights weekends, mobil to mobil.

That is roughly 51 bucks for each iphone and I find even that too expensive. I need a downrite dirt cheapest phone service possible but maps are necessary for my job. I suspect its best to NOT jailbreak my iPhone as apple will have nothing to do with jailbroke iPhones.

Should I jailbreak my 3GS? Nachum needs options for cheap phone service. Although most prepaid carriers use only a fraction of the towers of the primary carrier, hubby gets far better reception in the sticks when we travel by car than I do. But no coverage in Alaska. Only Verizon contract phones get that. There are at least 6 plans, including one not on the website.

You can add minutes if you use them sooner.

iphone 4s contract deals virgin Iphone 4s contract deals virgin
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iphone 4s contract deals virgin Iphone 4s contract deals virgin
iphone 4s contract deals virgin Iphone 4s contract deals virgin
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