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A well-crafted leather tote bag is an option to me. Do you have any other recommendation? Joined Sep 28, Messages 5, Reaction score 2. Just carry a bag that looks like your grandfather used it for decades and that will match anything. Joined Jul 7, Messages 11 Reaction score 0. Earlier in the year someone posted this bag from Colonel Littleton. Joined Apr 14, Messages 2, Reaction score 4. Extremely durable!

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Joined Jun 7, Messages 2, Reaction score 3. The Littleton bag is nice but weighty. Too large for everyday use, too. AlanC Minister of Trad. Joined Nov 7, Messages 7, Reaction score Joined Sep 6, Messages 5, Reaction score 4.

I bought this bag 4 months ago and I cannot say enough about quality. When I signed up for e-mail updates they sent me a coupon code for first time buyer.

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Each Boot Leather iPhone case is handmade with no two the same. Saddleback craftsman form each piece of leather by hand and once set, takes 10 hours to cure. After a few wks of use, the case has not given up any of its shape or form as it breaks in. The right side has a single press-through notch for the power button. All of the press-through buttons are taking time to wear in and initially required a good amount of force to actual press the button.

The base of the case has a large single cutout allowing access to the lightening port and speakers while still protecting the corners. The case wraps around the curved edges and corners of the iPhone. The raised edging surrounding the screen provides additional protection, allowing you to set the smartphone on a surface facedown without touching.

I was a little worried about what the stiff leather case did to my very nice InvisibleShield screen protector. Initially the bottom corners pressed on the screen protector edge causing the glass protector to come away from the iPhone screen. I was able to press the InvisibleShield back onto the face of the smartphone…no harm, no foul.

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The same thing happened when I pressed the side push-through buttons but like the edges, the screen protector settled back into place. As the case has worn in and become a bit less stiff, this has become less of an issue. Seems like Saddleback could have cut this closer to the edges of the camera bulge. Several pictures on their website show similar gaps around the camera. That said, the larger cutout does not lessen its protection of the camera assembly.

What is it?

The boot leather Saddleback uses has a great, supple feel to it, adding grippability to the slippery glass and stainless steel iPhone. I typically go case-less, trusting in my sure hands to not let gravity and hard surfaces damage my tech-toys. I want to see the patina long-term use will bring. Its style, design, and feel are unique in the world of nearly endless mass-produced iPhone cases.

It is well made with high quality leather and old world craftsmanship all-the-while providing solid protection to your very breakable smartphone. Equipped with a sturdy YKK zipper.

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I love to see what others carry around with them everywhere they go. These photographic pocket-dumps are like glimpses into the everyday lives of fellow enthusiasts and I find myself making little wish-lists of future purchases. Each individual item typically knocks around in the same front pocket of my jeans or khakis. Get all that loose stuff in a nice, neat, zippered package! I gave it a shot for a few weeks and here are some thoughts. From the classy boxes and sleeve, everything comes in to the extras included.

For small scuffs or wear marks, simply rub your thumb or finger along the cleft between your nose and nostril for a bit of oil.

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With tight pressure rub the spot on your cover in a circular motion. The scuff should be less obvious. I love this. The wallet itself is handcrafted in Istanbul which probably explains the evil eye charm, much more common in that part of the world from quality leather and strong stitching. The inner pockets and separating flap are made from a softer leather to protect the contents.

It use, the wallet does a good job of keeping everything in place. It can hold maybe cards and some cash in the card pocket side, and the other side can contain a variety of items. I tested several configurations, pictured below, to give you an idea of what you could use the case for. For the most part during the review period, I carried my Swiss Army knife, a tube of lip balm, cleaning cloth, 2 credit cards and a Space Pen in the outer pen loop.

I will say that having a pen with a clip would have been better, as removing the wallet contents made the outer loop a little too loose for the pen to stay put. The EDC Wallet kept everything together rather well. I think that having a thicker knife helped in keeping things in place.

One thing that took a while to get used to was how to hold the wallet in your hand in order to unzip it without heavier contents falling out.

It seemed like there was never a good way of telling which side of the wallet was facing me… the card side or the EDC stuff side. More than once, I unzipped it thinking I was going to open it to the knife side, only to be wrong and, in failing to hold it flat enough, all my stuff clattered noisily to the ground. Hey, did you know lip balm rolls surprisingly far when dropped in a supermarket?

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Fun fact. Once I got used to how the wallet and gravity acted, I started opening it flat, like a small book, in order to keep the contents in place so I could grab what I needed. Overall, there is definitely a tradeoff for convenience by packing all your items into a case. The EDC Wallet keeps everything together quite nicely, but it also adds an extra barrier between you and the thing you need, like, right now. Packing away all your loose pocket items into a handsome, leather case is a great way to keep everything together in a nice, neat package, but also a way to limit how quickly you can access those items.

All in all, this wallet is fantastic. Especially for the price! Source: The sample of this product was provided by Galen Leather Company. Tagged: Leather , Wallets. Home Leather. As I have stated before and it stands as true today as it did 4 years ago: I often think that I should have been born in an earlier time. What is it? A bit of the backstory on the No. Design and features From a functional perspective, the No.

The handles are covered in leather and are well formed and comfortable to hold. What I like Old-World craftsmanship and design Thick soft buffalo leather Solid brass hardware Very well engineered reinforced Comfortable carry Removable strap Great warranty What needs to be improved Expensive Many would consider this bag big and heavy Final thoughts The No.

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