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NEWEGG: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) FOR $135

Adding to the problem is the cryptocurrency mining boom. The price of Ethereum and other GPU-mined cryptocurrencies might have dropped, but the demand for new GPUs for mining rigs remains steady. That said, GPU prices are at least lower than they were at the peak of the crypto-mining market. Second-hand parts, refurbished parts, and cut-price deals are the way to go if you need cheap hardware—either that or an unbranded Chinese import.

China is one of the largest global manufacturers of computer hardware. What is Aliexpress? Is it safe to shop on? Are there any security vulnerabilities? Our Aliexpress review finds out if it's legit. Read More where you can find all manner of hardware, branded or otherwise.

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Branded hardware still costs roughly the same as a U. Or is it simply the weight of the brand that adds to the cost of other hardware? The answer is somewhere in the middle. Best for: Brand new hardware, refurbished hardware, second-hand parts, computer part stores. Avoid: Any deal that is too good to be true—because it probably is! Next up, eBay, an excellent site for tracking down cheaper computer hardware. Read More is patience and persistence. Set yourself a realistic price point for the hardware you want, stick to it, and wait it out.

At some point, your product will appear at the price you want, within reason. Like AliExpress, you can find unknown manufacturers in among the other listings, as well as brand new, second hand, and refurbished parts. Best for: End-of-season clearance sales, big budget discount, wide-range of hardware, customer service.

Avoid: Spending all of your money on end-of-season clearance sales, making forum posts before searching for similar questions. Newegg is a name synonymous with great computer hardware deals. You can find a range of new and refurbished computer parts, as well as the traditional Newegg deals. Deals vary day to day, so if you have some specific hardware in mind, it is worth checking back periodically.

To help you out, you can add those components to your wish list, and Newegg will ping you an email if it goes on sale. Newegg has a few other good points, too. For instance, their forums are very active. Other users will direct you toward the right hardware for your PC build or otherwise. Also, hardware manufacturers are known to browse and actively respond to users with issues to ensure everything is running smoothly, while their YouTube channels make decent videos comparing various bits of hardware you might want to pick up. Is there something very difficult for a first time builder?

But I think I will be more satisfied building my own PC then buying pre-assembled ones..

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Will any PSU support that pin? Or will I need an adaptor or something like that? Will every PSU support every pin in graphics card? The GPU is plugged into the Mainboard, gets some power from the mainboard, but most of the power comes directly from the PSU which is delivered via these 6 or 8 pin power connectors. Branded PCs tend to be overpriced because you are in a way paying for the brand. As for your question about motherboard and graphics card compatibility, there is not much problem with compatibility nowadays.

In terms of power connectors, different graphics cards come with different power connectors. Usually, a graphics card already comes with a power connector in its package. By the way, the power connector of your graphics card will be plugged into your power supply. Your choice of motherboard will depend on your budget and how soon you need to finish the build.

If budget will not be an issue and you need a rig as soon as possible, then going for an entry level X motherboard makes sense. If not, waiting for a B Max to become available is your best bet. Also, one other consideration is the compromise on your graphics card. You mentioned that you will be doing light work in 3ds Max. Do you plan on using the GPU render engines? I suggest that you check the QVL list of the RAM you are planning to buy to see if the motherboard you plan on getting is on that list. If the motherboard is, chances are your RAM will run at its rated speed out of the box.

You are right — RAM timings should also be considered. The tighter the timings, the better and faster your RAM runs. As for the maximum RAM speeds, this depends on what the motherboard supports and what we call silicon lottery. Some RAM kits are able to run at higher speeds compared to others and this is all based on the luck of the draw, so to speak.

What is tighter RAM timings? How can I know that the RAM timings is tighter or maybe looser?

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Another problem is about RAM specs.. How can I know which is better? Will it really matter in daily use? Is their differences noticeable? You can use two of the four slots for dual channel mode. Which of the two slots should be populated is defined in your motherboard manual. Cpu socket on the left and the ram slots on the right of the cpu. For the first two ram modules to run in dual channel mode use ram slot 2 and 4. Latency performance benefits are very low. I recommend going with normal timings that have great value over ram timings that are crazy expensive.

But I can negotiate him around USD. Is this a good graphics card? Will it worth the money? How will it stands against or Ti? Will it be wiser to buy the same priced Ti? Or I will look for other card? If so, which card will you suggest around that price? The is a good bit faster than a or a Ti. Hi Alex, looking to build my own PC and wanted to get your advice on parts.

Looking at graphics cards, which would best accommodate mentioned above.

Would appreciate your input and a parts list. Thanks you. What kind of budget are you working with?

Black Friday / Cyber Monday - The Best Time To Buy Computer Parts?

Let me recommend two that would work well for you type of workloads, here you go:. You can add a 2TB storage to any kind of build. Thank you so much, this is perfect. Feel better about getting into this little project, The graphics card was important and this covers it nicely. Hey Yavani, All the cables you need come with the parts. No need for extra cables!

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